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The Request for Qualifications Process

All participants in Restored Homes’ rehabilitation programs are selected through a competitive request for qualifications (RFQ) process issued by Restored Homes. The RFQs outline the experience and qualifications necessary to partner with Restored Homes.

If you are an architect, general contractor or community organization that would like to partner with Restored Homes, please download the appropriate RFQ below.

  An early ACA home in Queens,
before it had been rehabilitated.


Architects must have experience with the design of the moderate and substantial rehabilitation of 1 to 4 family scattered site properties in New York City. Architects are responsible for planning and monitoring the execution of the rehabilitation of the homes. Architects with experience working on HPD projects are preferred.

Small Homes Rehab – NYCHASmall Homes Rehab - NYCHA - RFQ Forms


General Contractors

General Contractors must have experience with the moderate and substantial rehabilitation of 1 to 4 family scattered site housing in New York City. General Contractors are responsible for overseeing all rehabilitation efforts as outlined in scopes of work and architectural drawings commissioned by Restored Homes. General Contractors with experience working with federal, city, and state projects and programs are preferred.

Contractor RFQContractor RFQ Forms


Community Partners

Community Partners are community-based non-profit or for-profit housing development organizations. Community Partners must have experience developing 1 to 4 family homes in New York City, which includes managing the design, construction, and marketing phases of affordable homes in their communities and neighborhoods.

ACA REO Community Partner RFQCommunity Partner RFQ Forms